Is it possible to ship the same day when ordering?

It takes 2-3 days after receiving the order

What Should I do if your phone still does not work after trying to do start-up procedure?

It sometimes happens that your phone still doesn’t work even after trying to do start-up procedure. In that case, please contact us

If you receive defective item, you can contact our service center directly

*Please take photos of the defective item, the invoice, and the shipping box, all of which are necessary

Should I make 12 months or 24 months contract?

Yes. Our contract period is based on 12 months or 24 months

Can I visit offline shop and purchase?

No we don’t have offline store. But we promise you to provide lowest price and best service.

Is it possible to get a warranty?

Sure, we provide at least from 30 days to maximum one year depending on the models

Can I change the price plan before finishing contract period?

No, you need to use same price plan during contract period.

Is English-Manual provided?

Yes we provide it.

How can I pay for the monthly fee?

Automatic withdrawal is the best way to pay for the fee

If you have more questions, please use Q&A menu.